NF® Tree Spirit Forest Therapy wooden disc + Personalized Karmic Tree Analysis


Treat yourself or your loved ones to the amazingly healing power of the trees from its very source.

The powerful combination of the Nature Force® Tree Spirit wooden disc and your very own Personalized Karmic Tree Analysis will help you draw the mighty energy of the forest right at its very source.

Nature Force® Tree Spirit is a small but awe-worthy wooden disc charged with the powerful energy of trees. Because of this, it enables you to do forest therapy anytime and anywhere, even at your own HOME when you are far away from the woods.

Nature Force® Personalized Karmic Tree Analysis is done carefully by the creator of Nature Force® and an esteemed doctor of alternative, traditional and complimentary medicine with over 40 years of experience in her field. Using your own (or your loved one’s) personal information, she creates a complete written analysis revealing what type of tree is your life-long helper, and how you can benefit from it practically.