Nature Force ® Tree Spirit Forest therapy disc


The healing embrace of Mother Forest for energy regeneration

Forest therapy is an established branch of traditional folk medicine based on the healing properties of trees, and it has been known since ancient times. Once, young girls asked birches for help with love, pregnant women drew power from lindens, and the wounded did so from oak trees, where their injuries healed faster.

In this moment when hugs are not allowed because of viruses, it would be good if everyone could find their own tree and give it a hug. A physical touch of a tree helps us re-establish our connection with the Earth itself.

Unfortunately, most people have no opportunity to plant their own trees, and many live far from forests or even parks.

THE SOLUTION IS THE NATURE FORCE® TREE SPIRIT ~ the universal corrector of the human bio-magnetic field, that enables you to simply enjoy forest therapy whenever and wherever you are.

The Tree Spirit is a round wooden disk, engraved with the Nature Force® logo on one side, and a special, unique symbol on the other. The disk has extraordinary abilities, because it has been specifically energetically enriched, making it one of the best natural generators of positive energy on the planet. Tree Spirit is charged with the exceptional power of trees that enables you to simply enjoy forest therapy whenever and wherever you are.

Its therapeutic application is appropriate in all kinds of issues that a person may face in their life ~ as its creator states, there is nothing that Tree Spirit cannot help you with.

Use your Nature Force® Tree Spirit:

  • When you’re feeling down
  • When you’re feeling stressed
  • When you’re sad, panicked or afraid
  • When it seems like you can’t find the solutions to your problems
  • When you feel any kind of pain ~ physical, emotional or mental,
  • When you need love and affection,
  • When you cannot control your emotions,
  • When you want to relax and feel joy
  • When you want to calm down in the most natural way.

Each Nature Force® Tree Spirit disk can only be used by one person. The disk connects to your aura after the first time you use it, making it effective only for you. The results are extraordinary and felt right after the first use. Nature Force® Tree Spirit can be used without limits, every day for the rest of your life in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.

A single forest therapy session is enough to feel the powerful positive effects of the healing energy of trees!



The package includes:

  • One personalized Nature Force® Tree Spirit forest therapy disk. The plaque is 100% sliced wood, embellished with a Nature Force® logo on one side, and a unique linear drawing on the other side.
  • One detailed instruction manual on how to use your wooden plaque in order to relieve your issues, relax and focus.
  • One practical bag made out of 100% linen, for storing your disk.

The working of all of our products, including the Nature Force® Tree Spirit, is grounded on unique natural energy that has been specifically ingrained into their core by an experienced specialist. Therefore, any and all copies of our products, even if visually identical, are completely ineffective.

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