Personalized Analysis Nature Force® Tree Spirit ~ Find your own helping tree for lifelong help


Every tree provides us with a precious life essential – oxygen. Each and every tree radiates positive energy that strengthens all our senses.

For every person alive there is a specific kind of tree whose vibrations can help maintain harmony and energetic balance in both body and soul, and help battle various life issues.

Discover your own Karmic Tree with the unique Nature Force® method, and plant it in your own garden for permanent life-long help.

Its therapeutic application is appropriate in all kinds of issues that a person may face in their life ~ there is nothing that your tree cannot help you with. If you need help in love, work, solving your own karmic difficulties, various illnesses… it will help you with absolutely everything.

With the personal Tree Spirit analysis, you will:

  • Learn how to connect to the energy of your tree in order to use its inexhaustible natural energy directly from the source.
  • Learn to channel this natural energy in order to eliminate stress, calm down, deeply relax, focus and establish a balance between your mind and soul
  • Grapple with various life issues easily, because your own personal life-long healer will always be at hand.

Our specialist will create your analysis based on your personal information and a photograph, which you can provide in the contact form below in order for your forest therapy analysis to be 100% correct and precise.

Together with your Karmic Tree Analysis, you will receive your very own Nature Force® Tree Spirit wooden disc charged with the energy and spirit of your own karmic tree, and will always be available to you for quick and easy forest therapy when you cannot be close to your actual karmic tree.


After sending in your information and completing the checkout, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order.

Prof. Dr. Timotić will assess your information, and within twelve days, provide you with a detailed textual, printable analysis of yourself and your very own helping tree, through e-mail. Your analysis will contain detailed instructions on practical self-help methods that you can begin practicing straight away, and feel the benefits of forest therapy as soon as possible.

We will never misuse this information and will keep it absolutely private according to EU Data protection laws. See our privacy policy here.

Forest therapy is not a replacement for medical procedures, interventions or treatments.

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