Nature Force® Intuitive Tiles, excellent personal helper in intuitive searching for answers and life directions


A set of 24 tiles charged with powerful higher energies gives insight into your current state, gives correct answers to all your questions and advises you what to do.
What is happening in my love life? How do I solve a problem? Am I thinking in the right way? Am I headed in the right direction? Should I change my job? Will it all get better soon?…

Are you struggling with thousands of questions which you’d like to have answered, but there’s no answer in sight? Do you wish to have a guide by you every day, to advise you to make the right decisions and show you the right direction?

Treat yourself to Nature Force Intuitive Tiles for finding personal answers and advice.
Ask burning questions about your past, present and future, or simply ask for guidance, and be rewarded with immediate answers!

Intuitive Tiles are a unique, simple and efficient helper that operates on the basis of higher energy forces and your own intuition. Trust your inner, subconscious wisdom and let your intuition run free. The tiles will tell you the truth, give an answer that you need and be your trusty guide in all journeys.

Your Nature Force® Intuitive set includes:

  • 24 Nature Force® numbered wooden tiles,
  • An answer sheet containing 24 answers corresponding to the tile numbers
  • Detailed instructions
  • A practical, eco-friendly Nature Force® linen bag for your Intuitive Tiles.

With the help of your personal intuitive guide, your life will be easier and better, with fewer unpleasant surprises and much more success in all areas.

NOTE: After the first use, the tiles will connect to your energy and will only work properly in your hands, so take good care of them and do not let anyone else touch or use them.

The working of all of our products, including Intuitive Tiles, is grounded on unique natural energy that has been specifically ingrained into their core by an experienced specialist. Therefore, any and all copies of our products, even if visually identical, are completely ineffective.

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