Symbol of Holy spirit and of spirituality ~ Energy Card TULPA by Nature Force®


Achieve spiritual growth and come in touch with your higher self.

Enrich your space with The Symbol of Holy Spirit and Spirituality TULPA Energy Card.

TULPA Cards are powerful generators of good energy. The ancient symbols of Mayans and Aztecs adorning each TULPA energy card attract good forces into your life.

Place your Symbol of Holy spirit and of spirituality card on your desk, your nightstand or give it to someone you want to see thrive.

Good luck and have a long life!

Each TULPA energy card is made out of eco-friendly, durable high-quality cardboard embellished with a high-resolution color print. The cards are packed in sturdy plastic envelopes for additional protection. Each card measures 11x11cm.

The working of all of our products, including the Nature Force® TULPA cards, is grounded on unique natural energy that has been specifically ingrained into their core by an experienced specialist. Therefore, any and all copies of our products, even if visually identical, are completely ineffective.