Anti-Depression Therapeutic Energy Painting by Nature Force® unique and natural alternative wellness treatment


Ease the symptoms of depression naturally and easily.

Protect yourself from intrusive thoughts, despair and anxiety with the unique Nature Force®Anti-Depression Therapeutic Energy Painting.

The power of Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy Paintings stems from their unique combinations of colors and symbols. Each and every color has its own vibration that influences our systems with its energy field. The colors open and clear our energy pathways, stimulate flows, restore balance, and activate our innate healing potentials.

The paintings are used as support and help in holistic healing, and as a life-long therapeutic aid. A practical advantage of therapeutic paintings is that they can be easily transported. You can use them wherever and whenever – practically always, whenever you need their help.


Order a Therapeutic Energy Painting to fit your individual needs, and receive your very own, life-long therapeutic aid, an everyday answer and solution to your problems that will help you along every step of your journey in life.

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Energy paintings are safely packed and come with detailed instruction manuals on how to use them.

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The working of all of our products, including Therapeutic Energy Paintings, is grounded on unique natural energy that has been specifically ingrained into their core by an experienced specialist. Therefore, any and all copies of our products, even if visually identical, are completely ineffective.

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