Nature Force® MED Quantum Energy Distance Therapy for PETS AND ANIMALS health and wellbeing


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NATURE FORCE® MED QUANTUM THERAPY FOR PETS AND ANIMALS is a completely new kind of energy distance treatment done using the Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device (MED).

Our Quantum Energy Distance therapy isn’t only beneficial for people – it’s excellent in treating animals, too. Animals are quick to sense the soothing effects of the Mirror Energy Device treatment, and they show it right away, too.

  • When you cannot get help for your pet because of time and transportation constraints, movement regulations or illness

  • Comfortable, safe, NATURAL and accessible no matter where in the world your pet is

  • Ideal for dogs, cats, horses, birds, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, even farm animals (goats, sheep) …

Love your pets and treat them to a unique energy distance treatment with Nature Force® MED.

The Mirror Energy Device Quantum Therapy:
  • Relieves and eliminates your pet’s depression, anxiety, fears and traumas
  • Eliminates aggression caused by illness or pain
  • Strengthens the immune system, especially during recovery from illnesses
  • Stimulates recovery and healing of wounds after surgeries and injuries, activates the body’s innate healing energy
  • Reduces and eliminates all kinds of pain
  • Treats illnesses in younger animals, and relieves pain in older ones
  • Improves mood, and eliminates physical and emotional imbalances
  • Helps eliminate your pet’s problematic behaviors, and reduces stress


Booking is done in 3 easy steps
  1. Choose your desired timeslot. Keep in mind that you need to provide us with your exact time zone, and that it is not recommended to book a Quantum Distance Therapy between 22:00-05:00 your local time, for your pet’s wellbeing.
  2. Fill in the form. For best results, upload a link to a newer full-body photo of your pet, taken against a light background.

    MED Pet Information form

    Please fill in this form truthfully in order for your pet to receive the best possible distance treatment with Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device

    Your pet's name
    Your pet's name
    Please input your pet's date of birth, or the closest date
    Your pet's exact time of birth in 24h format (e.g. 12:05, 21:40, 00:10), if known
    Town, state and country
    Your exact time zone in this format: UTC +/- (1-12)
    Upload a link with a full-body image of your pet, taken against a light background. You should be fully clothed.
    We will use your e-mail to confirm the appointment.

  3. Pay for the service

At the time of treatment, make sure that your animal is located at the place you indicated, and resting.

Please e-mail us with any questions you may have, and it would make us very happy to read about your pet’s experience with the Nature Force® MED.

For optimal results, we recommend 6-8 sessions of 20 minutes each, done over a course of 6-8 consecutive days. The maximum number of consecutive sessions is 36, which can be repeated after a 6-month break. One MED Quantum Energy therapy cycle consists of 6-8 consecutive days, and it can be repeated according to your needs. There are no negative side-effects.

We remind you that MED Energy Distance Therapy is a beneficial supplement to classical medical procedures and treatments.

Read our terms of use and privacy policy here.


Nature Force MED quantum distance treatments are performed under the guidance of a specialist practitioner, who is obliged to act ethically. This means that she can transfer energy only if she is given your consent, and only within the time span that you designate when you book the appointment.