Nature Force® MED Quantum Energy Distance Therapy for health and wellbeing


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NATURE FORCE® MED QUANTUM THERAPY is a completely new kind of energy distance treatment done using the Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device.

Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device is an exceptional space where the doors to the world of cosmic forces open, and influence our mind, soul and body through the power of reflective surfaces, helping us overcome life and health difficulties. Ever since ancient times, mirrors were used to travel between worlds and in telling the future. Little was known, however, about their ability to help us maintain and restore our health.

Nature Force® MED is the only place on Earth where cosmic energies meet in such an exceptional way.

Everything is energy. Since there are no physical limitations for energy, we successfully perform therapies even when you’re thousands of miles away from the actual Mirror Energy Device. The effects are just as powerful as if you were inside the Device itself.

  • When you’re travelling anywhere in the world
  • When you’re limited by time, immobility or movement restrictions

The power of Nature Force® MED:

  • increases physical and mental power,
  • deeply relaxes,
  • removes blockades,
  • deepens and expands perception,
  • changes the way one feels and understands life,
  • gives excellent results in relieving health issues and pain,
  • is extraordinarily effective in its long-lasting relief and elimination of phantom pain.

Numerous client sessions in the Nature Force® MED have given excellent results in relieving health issues and pain. What makes MED extraordinary in particular is its long-lasting efficiency in relieving and elimination of phantom pain. Classic medicine still has no cure for phantom pain, and its causes are unclear to this day.

For optimal results, we recommend 6-8 sessions in the MED done over a course of 6-8 consecutive days, 16-30 sessions in case of pain, illnesses or mental difficulties. The maximum number of consecutive sessions is 30, which can be repeated after a 6-month break.

Nature Force® MED can be an extraordinary, natural help method in solving a variety of issues:

  • depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, insomnia
  • treating all types of pain: phantom limb pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches and migraines
  • stabilization of blood pressure,
  • sport and other injuries,
  • postoperative recovery,
  • weak-sightedness,
  • dementia
  • memory improvement
  • low physical and spiritual energy
  • weight loss and revitalization
  • a lack of focus and concentration
  • rejuvenation and revitalization of the whole body.


Booking is done in 3 easy steps
  1. Choose your desired timeslot. Keep in mind that you need to provide us with your exact time zone, and that it is not recommended to book a Quantum Distance Therapy between 22:00-05:00 your local time, for your own wellbeing.
  2. Fill in the form. For best results, upload a link to a newer full-body photo of yourself, taken against a light background.
    MED Customer Information form

    Please fill in this form truthfully in order to receive the best possible distance treatment with Nature Force® Mirror Energy Device

    Please input your exact date of birth
    Your exact time of birth in 24h format (e.g. 12:05, 21:40, 00:10)
    Town, state and country
    Your exact time zone in this format: UTC +/- (1-12)
    Upload a link with a full-body image of yourself taken against a light background. You should be fully clothed.
    We will use your e-mail to confirm the appointment.
  3. Pay for the service

At your designated time, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your Nature Force MED quantum energy therapy from the safety and comfort of your home!

For best results, we recommend 6 to 8 therapies given over a course of 6 to 8 consecutive days.

We remind you that MED Energy Distance Therapy is a beneficial supplement to classical medical procedures and treatments.

We kindly ask you to continue your ongoing classical medical treatments by means of medication and therapy, and do not stop doing so unless this is recommended by your physician.

Read our terms of use and privacy policy here.


Nature Force MED quantum distance treatments are performed under the guidance of a specialist practitioner, who is obliged to act ethically. This means that she can transfer energy only if she is given your consent, and only within the time span that you designate when you book the appointment.

During your MED Quantum therapy session, you may feel warmth, a gentle tingling of palms or a mild air current on your face – all of these are signs of a powerful energy flow restoring your body and spirit. You may also experience the flow visually with your inner eye, manifesting through various colors and shapes.

If you happen not to be as sensitive, you may not feel the flow physically. However, this doesn’t mean that the energy hasn’t been transmitted to you – it absolutely has, and you will feel its power affect your wellbeing in the best possible way. After the session, most of our clients feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation.