What is Chromotherapy: Healing through Symbols and Colors

Have you ever wondered if your favorite color could be good for your health?
Have you ever stopped to consider why you feel better wearing certain colors?

Why you feel different in brightly or dimly painted rooms?

Nature Force therapeutic energy paintings terapevtske energijske slike chromotherapy

Ever since ancient times, it has been known that colors and symbols have a powerful impact on a human as a whole: our feelings, moods, creativity, happiness, even our entire health.

Chromotherapy is a recognized, important branch of complementary medicine, grounded on the healing effects of colors, and has been successfully practiced for millennia. Every color we see has its own energy vibration, and affects the human system with its energy field. Colors open and clear our energy flows, restore balance, and activate our innate healing potentials.

The energy of colors and symbols is where the basic operating principle of Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy paintings lies. The paintings, hand-made by an esteemed doctor of alternative, complementary and traditional medicine, have a very wide therapeutic application in relieving a multitude of life and health issues, bringing changes into people’s lives through their powerful influence and connection with spiritual guides.

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