Who are we?

Do you know where you come from?
Do you know what the reason for your existence is? And what are the tasks you need to undertake in this life in order to fulfil your destiny?
If your answer is no, then you share this ignorance with the majority of people in this world. Including me.

Nature Force Self Discovery Alternative Wellness program

Before I met Prof. Dr. Natalija Timotić, the creator of Nature Force® program for healthy living, I was wandering around in life. I was spinning in circles and was repeatedly coming back to the same old unproductive point, which offered me absolutely no chance of progress.

I was searching for something that would show me the right way. Something I would feel with every fiber of my being and know that I had found what I was looking for. But I couldn’t find that something on my own. I didn’t even know what I was searching for, because I didn’t even know what my options were.

When I first went to see Prof. Dr. Timotić, my life turned upside down. Suddenly, I found out why certain things I wanted to do never worked out. Why my character is shaped the way it is. Why my relationships are the way they are and why my family is the way it is.

I learned about many other things that made me feel quite miserable for some time. I kept asking myself why I couldn’t have learned them sooner. Knowing these things would have made many of my life situations so much easier.

But now I know that everything happens at the right moment and that nothing happens without a reason.

Of course, one individual counseling session did not satisfy my need to learn more about my own destiny and purpose in this life. With every counseling session that followed, I learned more and more about who I am and why my life is shaped the way it is. Where I come from and where I’m going.

Every individual has a goal in this life. No being in this world is without meaning ~ maybe they just don’t know what it is yet.

When learning about who you are, what you are and why you exist, you also get to know the possibilities that you have in this life. A whole new insight into your life opens up that helps you understand the reason for your existence. You learn what’s meant for you and which aspects of your life are and will be the most emphasized.

If you’re facing the same situation where you just don’t know what you’re searching for, are spinning in circles and waiting for your moment of realization, I highly recommend an individual counseling session with Prof. Dr. Timotić. Allow yourself to get to know your own destiny, your reason for existence and your options for the future.

Every investment in yourself is an investment for a lifetime of further development. 


Why not use the opportunity when you know it exists?


And don’t forget: A human being is a potential and life is the development of that potential. Everything that happens to us and every event that occurs is meant for our own development.


Let my words accompany you and lead you to a better tomorrow.