Nature Force® TULPA Cards: bring positive changes to your life

All human beings carry inner potentials and powers to make change in their lives.
This power can be stimulated, channelled and realized – at the right moment, with the right touch.
The six Nature Force® TULPA Energy Cards help you focus your innate potentials, and actualize them in reality.

What are Nature Force® TULPA cards?

Nature Force Energy Cards Tulpa for better surroundings good positive energy wellbeing
TULPA is an expression of positive energy originating in the ancient civilizations of Aztecs and Mayas. Nature Force® TULPA Cards will actuate and evolve your inner positive power and strength when you aim them at the TULPA Symbols.

The six Symbols represent the six forces ruling your life:

Each of the six Nature Force® TULPA Energy Cards are charged with positive energy derived from the highly spiritual civilizations of Mayans and Aztecs. Simply put, the symbols on the cards are powerful generators of good energy.

It is up to you to channel your thoughts and aim your inner potential towards them, then experience real changes in your life.

You can enrich your space and stimulate energy flows by placing Nature Force® TULPA Energy cards on your desk, your nightstand or even under your pillow, for better sleep.

Focus and take a good look, and let the right symbol choose you.  A positive change is coming to your life.