Natural Cure for Sunday Blues

This week, I have been contacted by a lovely customer who began using her Tree Spirit in the beginning of August. She initially used it as a natural remedy for stress and for better focus in her studies (big congratulations on starting University!). But then, she said she discovered an “amazing and unexpected” effect that her Tree Spirit had on her mood, particularly on Sunday evenings.

“I devote weekends to self-care, they are for me-time and relaxation is my #1 priority. So I did a home treatment with Tree Spirit one Sunday and it was honestly amazing and unexpected how relaxed and completely unstressed I was about going to work/class tomorrow morning. I deal with so much anxiety and try my best to “turn it off” on weekends but I’m sad to say, it very rarely works. Some Sundays I can barely get any sleep because I keep worrying about Monday morning. After 15min with Tree Spirit, I felt so fresh and without a care in the world and falling asleep was super easy. Never expected this to happen but soooo grateful! Thank you for creating Tree Spirit!”

Nature Force Tree Spirit forest therapy disk held in person's hands

Thank YOU for choosing it!


Most of us live a hectic rhythm from Monday to Friday; work, obligations and errands leave little space for ourselves and our own physical and mental health on weekdays. This, in turn, creates a build-up of pressure to relax and spend precious free time wisely on the weekends. However, combined with obligations, anxieties or unexpected circumstances which still occur no matter the day, our weekends can still end on a sour note. We may feel as if we haven’t used them to the fullest, and dread the upcoming workweek on Sunday evenings: the Sunday Blues phenomenon is born.

Nature Force Tree Spirit therapy is a natural way to relax, get better sleep and improve your overall energy levels, no matter where and where, so say goodbye to Sunday blues! The powerfully positive tree energy contained in every Tree Spirit works in your favor at all times, and what’s better, therapy can take as little as 3 minutes. Yes, only 3 minutes, at home, or any other place where you can spare them. We are thrilled to see Tree Spirit become a part of your self-care routine on the weekends, and wholeheartedly recommend its use on all days. No matter how you feel or what you are experiencing, it will improve your mood and help you deal with issues!

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