Forest Therapy at Home with Nature Force® Tree Spirit

Recently, the entire world learned a lesson that staying healthy and well-balanced should hold the #1 spot in all of our lives.
What better way to improve your health and mental well-being than to use safe, fast natural remedies, sourced from pure nature?
The extraordinary properties of Nature Force® Tree Spirit make it one of the best natural positive energy generators.

Nature Force Tree Spirit Forest Therapy Wooden Disc for Dendrotherapy natural energy therapy at home
This unique wooden disc is charged with the exceptional power of trees, that enables you to simply enjoy forest therapy whenever and wherever you are.

Nature Force® Tree Spirit forest therapy helps:

  • When you’re feeling down and stressed
  • When you need a boost of immunity and balance
  • When you’re sad, panicked or afraid
  • When you’re stuck in a creative rut
  • When it seems like you can’t find the solutions to your problems
  • When you lack focus to finish tasks
  • When your hands are shaking
  • When you’re procrastinating on that big project
  • When you simply want to relax and feel joy in the most natural way.

Dendrotherapy Tree Forest Therapy Nature Force Forest Bathing Shinrin Yoku

We assure you that the Tree Spirit will become your new best friend in the toughest of times. Simply find a comfy spot, place the disk on your forehead and enjoy moments of pure bliss that will last throughout the day.

Nature Force® Tree Spirit can be used without limits, every day for the rest of your life in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.

NOTE! Each Nature Force® Tree Spirit forest therapy disc can only be used by one person. The disc connects to your aura after the first time you use it, making it effective only for you.

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