Finding Answers and Life Directions: Nature Force® Intuitive Tiles

What are my options? How do I solve my problems? Is my way of thinking right? Am I headed in the right direction? Did I make the right decision? Where is my life path taking me? Should I stop? Will it get better soon?

More often than not, just thinking and looking for rational answers doesn’t lead us to solutions. How, then, should we find the right way in life?

Looking for answers and orientation based on our intuition


The Nature Force® Intuitive Tiles gives insight into our current state, tells us where we are in our lives right now, where we are headed if we make no changes, and what changes we can make in order to progress on the path of our destiny so that our lives can turn in a positive direction.

Treat yourself to a personal Intuitive Set that will help you find answers and direction in life! The Nature Force® Intuitive Tiles work on the basis of your own intuition and is charged with powerful higher energies. Trust your own intuition, because it will show you the way forward with the help of this unique aid. The Nature Force® Intuitive Tiles will let you take independent and confident steps in your life.

Hidden behind each number is the right answer to the right question at the right moment.

In front of you are 24 numbered energy tiles. Hidden behind each number is the right answer to the right question at the right moment. Everything happens exactly as it is meant for you, only if you trust your intuition. The answers are indirect guidelines, helping you reach your desired goals and solutions through your own actions.

We suggest that you get a small notebook where you will write down and date your questions, as well as the answers you get. You can ask a maximum of three questions every day. In this way you can go through your notebook, and have a record of all the intuitive answers you’ve received.

Be aware that this set is intended only for your own personal use, and that its energy will connect to your aura after the first time you use it. Do not let anyone else use or touch your Intuitive Tiles afterwards, because they will only work based on your own intuition and energy field.

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