Dendrotherapy/Forest Therapy: The Benefits of Hugging Trees


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Dendrotherapy is an established branch of traditional medicine, based on the healing energetic property of trees. Spending time in nature, or a focused, relaxing walk in the woods also known as “forest bathing” is extremely beneficial for all of our senses; when you spend some time around trees, you naturally receive their energy which fills you with strength, power and life force. Other than producing oxygen and improving air quality, trees drastically improve the energetic regeneration of all living organisms that are in close contact with it.


Establishing physical touch with trees, their trunks and branches, re-establishes our connection to earth itself. Each and every person has a specific kind of tree whose vibrations can help re-establish harmony and energetic balance within their body and soul. Furthermore, hugs stimulate the production of hormones that soothe pain, strengthen immunity, and reduce stress, anxiety, fear and insecurities. So, the next time you find yourself in a forest, give a hug to a tree. When you wrap your arms around the trunk, think the following thought: This is my greatest friend and healer. You will be rewarded and helped not only by the tree, but by Mother Nature herself. It has been scientifically proven that each hug from a tree has a powerful positive impact on humans. You can hug a tree at any time during the day, but you will receive the most energy if you do it either at dawn or dusk. dendrotherapy forest nature forest bathing nature therapy tree hugging trees nature force


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