What is Chromotherapy: Energy Art

Have you ever heard of energy art?

Do you know that paintings can heal?

Energy art is a very special kind of art. It is based on the innate power of colors.

Energy art brings harmonization.
It assists with healing, awakens vitality and inspires creation.
It brings unique wellness to both body and soul, and can stimulate personal and spiritual growth.

The creation of energy art is a unique process, both spiritual and creative. When she paints, the author of Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy Paintings is in a meditative, higher state of consciousness. This allows the universal energy to flow freely, enabling the creation of divine, meditative and powerful works of art.

The basic operating principle of Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy Paintings lies within the energy of colors and symbols that we discussed in our last week’s blog on Chromotherapy.

Nature Force therapeutic energy paintings terapevtske energijske slike chromotherapy

Nature Force® Therapeutic Energy Paintings relieve a multitude of life and health issues, and bring positive life changes through their powerful influence and connection with spiritual guides. The paintings are a true support and help in natural healing, and are all unique, hand-made pieces.

The particular combinations of colors and symbols of each painting correspond to their users’ specific needs:

1. Psyche and mental functions ~ help and support with:

  • anti-stress therapy, treating depression, anxiety and insomnia,
  • treating stage fright, lack of confidence, appetite swings, weight loss,
  • focus and memorization,
  • alleviating and stopping dementia – the greatest fear of the 21st century, that the physical body would outlive the brain,
  • revitalization, increasing vital energy

2. The physical body ~ help and support with:

  • headaches and migraines,
  • functional disorders, health issues of specific organs or organ systems,
  • alleviating and eliminating back and joint pain,
  • eliminating phantom pain,
  • natural treatment of sexual dysfunctions and infertility,
  • balancing blood pressure and improving circulation,
  • alleviating the symptoms of autoimmune illnesses,
  • treating sport- and other injuries, and improving post-surgery recovery
  • increasing vital energy and improving the entire immune system.

3. Emotional life, relationships, success ~ help and support with:

  • recognizing and fixing bad relationships,
  • gaining self-esteem and improving one’s own self-image,
  • opening up to others and gaining courage to approach them,
  • developing one’s confidence, influence and success.

Find the painting that suits your needs the most, or order a Karmic Therapeutic Energy painting, made to help you battle specific issues.